Viabizzuno 094 Architectural Lighting Profile

094 System

Viabizzuno Track Lighting

Binario Dali Trifase

Econo Track

Viabizzuno A1 Architectural Track Lighting

A1 System

Catenaria di Luce


Eco Track


Micro Track

DCA Track

Kit for Profile

Viabizzuno Track Lighting

Binario 3-230v


N55 Track

Viabizzuno Track Lighting

Binario Dali

Eco Mini Track

Track Lighting


Track lighting, where lights are fitted onto a track and can be repositioned without the need of an electrician. Track lighting is ideal for areas with flexible lighting needs. Perfect for commercial spaces and areas such as car showrooms and high street retail environments, as they can be repositioned to suit the merchandise being displayed. 

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