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Given our experience in serving both business and residential clients day to day, this has been able to allow us a decent level of experience in how for free we can offer some basic tips should you be looking into investing in some high quality lighting in your property. Regardless of whether a property may be residential or commercial in terms of its type, having good quality lighting in place can offer significant value as to how well a space is able to work.


Here, we take a good look at some of the basic tips to bear in mind when it comes to hallway lighting. Please take note here of the following recommendations and points we make.


Plan and think about your hallway lighting as it can make or break this area of your home and so often gets neglected. It creates a guests first impression, so it should set off the right tone of what is to come. Aim for drama, not symmetry by layering your lighting. A decorative pendant can set the visual tone however it is the architectural effects that will help to relay any sense of drama.


Wall Lights


Wall lights are perfect for illuminating narrow spaces as an alternative to table lamps. Adding in place architectural lighting such as downlights to light the artwork can not only provide a degree of focus also increase the feeling of space.


Consider installing Uplights


Where everyone will look at adding downlights, the added addition of uplights can add a sense of elegance making and help to achieve the perfect entrance. This can really help to create some great hallway lighting for guests to be impressed by.


Consider installing stair lighting


Should your staircase be in the far end of the hallway, by installing stair lighting,  your eye will be drawn through the space. This can create an illusion and make the space look and feel bigger. Stair lighting is also a great idea also from a functional point of view.


Illuminate any architectural features


Consider lighting your architectural features should you have any exposed and stand out features that you wish to highlight to others.  For example, if you had a vaulted ceiling, lighting this can create a very impressive look and feel and guide you through the space.


Layered lighting


Layered lighting is able to not only add a great look visually but it is also very effective practically also. It’s a great addition as you can very simply install it around pretty much any feature, including around artwork and right down to illuminating any flooring you may wish to light.


Double height spaces


With spaces such as double height entrance halls, it is a good idea to light your artwork at a high level or at the top of the stairs. This is to draw your eye up beyond the ground floor level and give you an increased sense of space.


Linear lighting


Linear lighting is another great form of lighting to use in a hallway space. In terms of its look, it has a great and very organic look and feel as well as a very contemporary feel. It is also very good at lighting up what would otherwise be dark areas.


Hallway lighting can give the feeling of expanding space and when this is done to a high standard, it can create a relaxing and soothing mood. Although this type of lighting can sometimes seem a little less interesting than choosing fittings for the main areas in the house, it’s a space in your property in which you can make something of a lasting impression to others straight away when you install this lighting to a high standard. When this is installed well, you can set a great tone for the rest of the your property

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