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13 Angolo Lighting System

mario nanni


IP20 rated ceiling, wall, table, floor standing and suspension light fitting for indoor use. made of extruded oxidised aluminium with a 13x13mm square section. consisting of blind profiles or closed ones at 45° by an extruded frosted polycarbonate diffuser the same length as the profile with 4mm long anti-glare louvre. versions: 13° angolo 500mm, 1000mm, 2000mm or 3000mm up to 39W 3744lm, 13° angolo 01 210x297x630mm, 22,5W 2160lm, 13° angolo 02 210x297x1050mm, 33W 3168lm, 13° angolo 03 210x297x1864mm, 47W 9600lm, 13° angolo sospensione 210x297x1864mm, 96W 9600lm, suspended by eight 3000mm steel cables. wired with a linear 3000K Ra95 13W/m led source with integrated current limiter. 24Vdc constant voltage power supply not included, to be installed remotely for 13° angolo and 13° angolo sospensione versions, power supply with plugs for 13° angolo 01, 13° angolo 02 and 13° angolo 03 versions. accessories: shelfs, glass bells and, only for 13° angolo sospensione version, power supply roses, plasterboard and brickwork fully concealed housing for power supply cable and rose with 220-240V 50Hz power supply only. finishes: acciaio acciaio and nero55. 

viabizzuno architectural lighting
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